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Yurpl – Outstanding research tool that helps you create new products and services from scratch, effortlessly grab more testimonials from clients, uncover new market niches using Google Adwords and quickly determine winning content.

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If you’re going to sell online you need a merchant account.  PowerPay is who Speaker Fulfillment Services works with for our accounts and who we’d recommend to you.

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Disc Delivered

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Disc Delivered – This print-on-demand custom self-mailer program from Speaker Fulfillment Services that’s perfect for free + shipping CD or DVD offers, monthly continuity disc mailing, handouts at events and more.

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Info Marketer’s Newsletter

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  Info Marketers Newsletter – Free monthly digital newsletter containing helpful tips and techniques for growing your information marketing business.

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Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

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Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle – If you’re an information marketer then, plain and simple, you need to belong to this organization.  They offer you $613.91 of free information just for checking their stuff out. Recently attended their InfoSummit and there were nearly 900 people in attendance. This is where the movers and shakers in information marketing […]

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AM2– Armand Morin’s highly popular Internet community, featuring live weekly trainings, access to Armand’s monthly WebCamps and live “Intensives” at his home in North Carolina. Check out

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Send Out Cards

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SendOutCards is a great system for acknowledging your clients, prospects, employees, or whoever you want to remember.

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